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Tell me if any of these sound like YOU:

  • Successful, driven, a high achiever. So, WTF, why don’t you feel that way? From the outside, you appear to “have it all.” But success can come with its own unique challenges, and sometimes the most successful people feel the most trapped in their lives.
  • Overwhelmed by unresolved or vicarious trauma that holds you back from functioning your best and being fully present in your life.
  • Disconnected, imbalanced, emotionally numb. You’re unsure of what’s wrong or how to define it, but with everything you’ve accomplished you “should” feel happy.
  • Stuck in a groove, just going through the motions of the day-to-day on autopilot without really enjoying your life and your accomplishments.
  • Chronically worried, exhausted from putting out the fires in your head and even with all of your accomplishments that inner critic tells you that you are an imposter.
  • Facing a life crisis or major transition and you just feel… Derailed, unmoored and sick of pretending everything’s OK.
  • Too damn busy to begin therapy so you’ve hesitated — You’re a mover and a shaker, an action-taker, so why don’t you invest in yourself?
  • Tried therapy before but you’re looking for something different, an alternative to traditional “couch therapy.”


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