Six Reasons Why Online Therapy Might Be Right For You

Telemental health, distance counseling, video therapy, online psychotherapy,  etc.… whatever it’s called , it is undeniable that this mode of mental health care is the ‘now’ and as well as the future  of mental health treatment.  It’s convenient, it’s confidential, it fits with our modern lifestyle and it Just. Makes. Sense.  Here are 6 reasons why online therapy might be right for you.

1 – Convenience
One of the biggest reasons people choose to work with a therapist online is that it can be so convenient. Convenience means you can be in the comfort of your own space, no loss of time due to traffic, transportation problems, or mobility limitations. No need to take off extra time from work for travel to/from an office. In fact, you can even have your session from your office, or during your lunch hour.  Convenience also means not missing work or family responsibilities when time demands are crucial. Online therapy allows you to find just the right therapist for your needs without committing extra time to commute to the session.

2 – Privacy
If you’re worried about privacy or if someone seeing you walking into a therapist’s office is of concern,  you may appreciate the way that you can access online therapy from the privacy of your own space. Unlike traditional therapy of having to go out in public, online treatment gives you anonymity ( only your therapist is aware of your identify)  In online video therapy, besides being alone in the room, the therapist generally uses earphones or a headset, so you’re not going to be overheard by anyone else (on their end, at least). And all communications ( video, email, text) are HIPAA secure.

3 – Choice
You may have constraints that limit your options for finding a therapist  such as, location, unpredictable schedule, high anxiety, a physical challenge,  etc.…. Or you may have a preference for a therapist who has specific expertise in the problem you want help with, or who is trained in a particular type of therapy, (such as Art Therapy) . If you live in a rural community, or are an expat living abroad, it might simply be impossible to find a local therapist . Online therapy allows you to get exceptional therapy with a highly credentialed and experienced therapist who has the expertise you’re looking for.

4 – Comfort
Along with the convenience of accessing counseling just about anytime, anywhere – online therapy is a great option if you tend to get stressed or anxious about new environments and new people. During your online therapy session you can be in any  space where you feel comfortable ( as long as it has good Wi-Fi and privacy). You can have your coffee/tea beside you, and you can look out of the window at a reassuringly familiar view. After a therapy session, people may sometimes feel a sense of heightened sensitivity and/or emotional fragility With online therapy you don’t have to worry about having to go out in public to get home after  a particularly intense session Additionally, online therapy can seem more comfortable or easier than talking to someone in person, especially when revealing personal or private information.

5 – Reliability
With internet counselling that you can access from home or work, there’s no need to struggle through rain-soaked streets, or to drive through hazardous fog, spray or high winds. And you won’t miss out on a session due to snow or ice, or risk being late for your session because of roadworks, a broken-down bus or cancelled transit.

6 – Flexibility
Many online therapists are able to have more flexibility in their schedules. can sometimes accommodate changes and alterations that you may need to make with regard to your session times and days. If one week or month is never the same as the next, and you’re working in different places on different days, you may really love the flexibility of being able to access therapy from wherever you may happen to be. And if your therapist charges for missed sessions, and you travel frequently, you will still be able to access your session every week.

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